Travel for DACA Applicants (Advance Parole)

Travel for DACA Applicants (Advance Parole)

1. DACA applicants may not travel outside the United States until after their DACA request has been

2. DACA applicants or recipients who travel outside the U.S. without being granted approval for
travel will lose their DACA status.

3. You will be inspected at the border when you return, and there is always a possibility that you
could be denied entry, even if the government granted you permission to travel.
How can I travel after I receive DACA?

o DACA recipients can apply for permission to travel called “Advance Parole”
o Advance Parole is an application to USCIS to allow an immigrant to travel outside the United States
and return lawfully.


 Ability to travel abroad and return
 Opportunities to study or work abroad and visit elderly or sick relatives
 Risky! Some DACA recipients could get stuck outside the U.S.
 Approved reasons for travel are limited
 Time for travel is limited
 Costs $360 to apply

Who can apply?

o USCIS will only approve travel (“advance parole”) for DACA recipients who demonstrate that their
need for travel is for “humanitarian, education, or employment” purposes.*

 For example: travel to obtain medical treatment, attend funeral services for a family member,
or visit a sick or elderly relative.


 For example: semester abroad programs or academic research

 For example: overseas assignments, interviews, conferences, training, or meetings for work
If you have received DACA and wish to travel for one of these purposes, contact an immigration
lawyer for more advice!

*Immigrants with other status may be eligible for advance parole outside these restricted purposes. They would
use the same forms and follow generally the same process, but would not have to prove that their travel is for
humanitarian, educational, or employment purposes.

Advance Parole Screening Sheet for DACA Recipients

Name ________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________
Phone _______________________________________ Okay to text? ______________________________________________

Basic Advance Parole eligibility. If the answer to any of these questions is “NO” then this person is
not able to apply for advance parole at this time.

1. Have you received an approval of your DACA application? ⎕ Yes ⎕ No
 What is the expiration date? _______________________

Remember to file for renewal at least 120 days before your DACA expires.

2. Do you wish to travel overseas for education, ⎕ Yes ⎕ No

employment, or humanitarian purposes?⎕ Education ⎕ Employment ⎕ Humanitarian

3. Do you have a valid passport? ⎕ Yes ⎕ No
Advance Parole Application Details. If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” the person must
see an immigration attorney before taking any further steps to seek advance parole.

4. Have you ever been in immigration court proceedings? ⎕ Yes ⎕ No
 What was the outcome? (Include stops or detentions and removals at the border)

5. Do you have any other immigration applications pending? ⎕ Yes ⎕ No

6. Will your current DACA expire during your intended ⎕ Yes ⎕ No
travel dates?

7. Will you need to apply for renewal during your travel dates? ⎕ Yes ⎕ No
 Apply for renewal 5 months before your DACA expires.
Make sure to complete your biometrics appointment before travelling.

8. Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, ⎕ Yes ⎕ No
or do you have any unpaid tickets?
Information for completing the I-131 Application for Travel Document.

9. Please describe the purpose of your trip. Do you wish to apply for multiple trips?
10. What evidence do you have to support your reason for travel?

11. When do you hope to travel?
⎕ From _______________________ to __________________________

Advance Parole Application Process

 Seek legal advice from an immigration attorney about the risks of traveling outside the U.S.
 You will be inspected at the border when you return, and there is always a possibility that you
could be denied entry, even if the government granted you permission to travel.
Steps to apply:

1. Identify the reason for travel
 For DACA recipients, advance parole will be granted for:

1. Humanitarian reasons

2. Education
3. Employment

 Travel for vacation will not be approved by DHS for DACA recipients
 Other immigrants may be eligible for advance parole without these restrictions

2. Complete USCIS Form I-131 “Application for Travel Document”
 For DACA recipients, select box 1.d. in Part 2 “Application Type”
 Specify the intended dates of travel, and the reasons
 Skip sections 5 and 6 on reentry permits and refugee travel documents

3. Gather any supporting evidence to prove the need for travel
 Example of evidence for Humanitarian Advance Parole:
1. Medical records of elderly or sick relative
2. Birth certificates or documents proving family relationship
 Example of evidence for Educational Advance Parole:
1. Acceptance to study abroad program
2. Documentation of planned research trip
3. Letter from professor or research advisor
 Example of evidence for Employment Advance Parole:
1. Letter from employer
2. Conference invitation
4. Assemble your application packet:
 Completed application form
 A copy of your DACA approval notice
 Your supporting evidence
 Filing fee of $360

5. Mail the Advance Parole application packet via U.S. Postal Service to:
USCIS P.O. Box 5757
Chicago, IL 60680-5757

 Don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself!

6. For more information, see USCIS’ instructions at:
How to Travel Safely with Advance Parole:

1. Consult with an immigration attorney before leaving the country!
2. DO NOT miss the deadline for returning listed in your Advance Parole approval notice.
3. Leave extra time for your return to accommodate any unexpected travel delays.
4. Bring your Advance Parole approval notice and DACA approval notice with you.
5. Leave copies of your approval notices with a clo